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An athlete who played a number of sports at Syracuse University, he ultimately discovered that it was the violence of football that appealed to him most.

Jim Brown Talks Hollywood Pt. 1

The idea of physically dominating other men, surviving ferocious battles on the field against opponents who would just as soon call him a nigger as try to gouge out his eyes fueled an astonishing, record-making NFL career that led to the Hall of Fame. He battled his defenses, sometimes his teammates, and often the Cleveland Browns' legendary head coach Paul Brown. But Jim Brown had ambitions greater than football. He used his athletic brilliance to launch a movie career, becoming Hollywood's first black action hero, culminating in a scandalous love scene with America's sweetheart Raquel Welch.

He leveraged his popularity into helping the NFL's black players and becoming a civil rights activist. Never shy about expressing his opinions, Brown would become the subject of FBI investigations and surveillance throughout parts of his life. Then there were the women. The patient wife who was essentially a single mother and who endured public humiliation. A young woman's journey of self-discovery and how she survived the Na A different kind of military memoir and naval history where women, warships, scandal and a diary-honest psychological twist all take center stage.

A powerful holocaust memoir that will leave you breathless and heartbroken, yet, inspired and hopeful!

President Trump Oval Office Meeting with Kanye West and Jim Brown | ceudocdonggargpant.tk

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WANTED: Jim Brown full game video

Just old enough to have seen Jim Brown in his prime I therefore read this out of respect for the football player, activist, and occasional jail occupant. The author clearly has great respect for Brown and details the steps he took to be granted interviews from this controlling, contentious man. This book is a great summation but really without any revelations. Brown was a great football player from a broken home in Georgia whose mother brings him to New York and works as a domestic to raise him.

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High school coaches guide him to a great Syracuse career while he experiences racism and events that will shape his life. Brown left the NFL at the top of his game for a career in movies.

The book seems to glorify the Jim Brown acting career which seems to me to be quite a stretch. Whether it compensated Brown better than staying in football is never made clear. After acting and football we are left with Jim Brown the activist and possible abuser.

Jim Brown: The Fierce Life of an American Hero

I applaud Brown for his long history of effective activism but am conflicted on how to balance this with the domestic violence incidents which he continually tries to explain away. This is for the reader to decide but it is apparent that the author also has this same conflict. Overall, this is a fine book. But does it really add new ground? Does it give great insight into a unique period America? Probably, in my opinion this is the book's greatest failure. While he touches on what is happening in America during this period, particularly the support for Mohammed Ali as he objects Vietnam duty, there is no great reflection to open this historical period to the reader.

Therefore I was left with a biography of maybe the greatest football player who is now an activist and who doesn't want anything written about him. But if you have a specific interest in knowing of Jim Brown, this book will serve that purpose. Jim Brown was a legend on the field, the star running back for the Cleveland Browns blazed a trail that few could even dream of being mentioned in the same breath as him. Black men were not easily accepted in the NFL when Brown commenced playing for the Browns, his role became not only star player but also a lead advocate of player rights and civil rights in the 's.

The author Mike Freeman tells an interesting story about Brown and isn't afraid to delve into the darker side of the man. Brown's alleged woman beating and his regular dating of women while married are documented and discussed in detail. Brown is a very interesting personality - champion player, movie star, abuser of women, civil rights activist - it is all there. A good book, perhaps not riveting reading as the style is a little dull, but still a good addition to the bookshelves.

Writer had a very tough task, an unauthorized biography of a very guarded man. I admire the effort, results are lacking a bit. Writer asks if a man who is so abusive to women can be a hero. Many sections of the book are lacking. Brown was a great running back, greatest runner. But he was a mediocre at best pass catcher and a lousy blocker. Every season he played, Brown was voted into the Pro Bowl , and he left the league in style by scoring three touchdowns in his final Pro Bowl game.

He accomplished these records despite not playing past 29 years of age. Brown's six games with at least four touchdowns remains an NFL record. Tomlinson and Marshall Faulk both have five games with four touchdowns. Brown led the league in rushing a record eight times. He was also the first NFL player ever to rush for over 10, yards.

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He told me, 'Make sure when anyone tackles you he remembers how much it hurts. Brown's 1, rushing yards in the season remain a Cleveland franchise record. It is currently the oldest franchise record for rushing yards out of all 32 NFL teams. His average of yards per game that season is exceeded only by O. Simpson 's season.

While others have compiled more prodigious statistics, when viewing Brown's standing in the game, his style of running must be considered along with statistical measures. He was very difficult to tackle shown by his leading 5. Brown retired in July , [14] [15] after nine seasons, as the NFL's all-time leading rusher. Brown is still the Browns' all-time leading rusher. During Brown's career, Cleveland won the NFL championship in and were runners-up in and , his rookie and final season, respectively. Brown began an acting career before the season, playing a buffalo soldier in a Western action film called Rio Conchos.

The reaction was lukewarm. Brown, one reviewer said, was a serviceable actor, but the movie's overcooked plotting and implausibility amounted to "a vigorous melodrama for the unsqueamish.